Serco Real Estate


Serco Real Estate

About The Project

The company was established in 2009 by Mr. Zakaria Ali in Jerusalem in accordance with the Palestinian Companies Law as a limited company, especially in the field of contracting, planning and construction of real estate projects within Israel and the West Bank. The company has a great reputation team of highly qualified, experienced and efficient employees who have the ability to process solutions and creative management that comply with standards and meet customer requirements. The company implement A number of distinctive projects including Roza 1 housing In Beir Ouna - Jerusalem in 2017. And the Roza 2 housing in Al Khader in 2018, and in the future, the company intend to implement an number of a new projects include Roza 4 properties , a commercial hotels and restaurants .

The Goal

SERCO Contracting Company to deliver outstanding results with:- Professional work. Credibility and confidence. Meticulous attention to every detail. Accuracy in execution. speed of execution, while maintaining quality.


Our programs are designed and developed in coordination with major global technology companies and in line with international standards, so that they are constantly updated based not only on the latest global principles and practices, but also on field research, studies related to the labor market and its requirements.
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Serco real estate


30 December 2020


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