Al-Sadaqa Medical Society


Al-Sadaqa Medical Society

About The Project

Founded in 2001 AD under the name of Al-Ihsan Charitable Society and specialized in the medical side, it established the Al-Ihsan Medical Clinic, which gained a medical reputation thanks to God, then thanks to the medical and administrative staff supervising the dispensary, and in the year 2011 a new license was obtained for the Society under the name of the Charitable Medical Society as a result of the success that Verify through the dispensary and the performance of the team of doctors and employees, which was characterized by transparency, honesty and sincerity.


  • Providing of medical services to patients at a nominal fee.
  • Providing laboratory and radiological tests for poor conditions.
  • Provide free medication and treatment for patients in need.
  • Work on the development of the medical services of the Sociaty.


Reaching the association to the finest forms of human, medical and professional services in the governorate of Bethlehem, by providing all material and human capabilities to raise the professional and medical level in the association to meet the needs of the welded community and the nearby Palestinian environment.



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Al-Sadaqa Medical Society


20 January 2020