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The "Al-Masdar" Foundation for Translation and Press Services is a Jerusalemite institution that works on following developments in the Israeli street and its position on the basic issues of the region, accurate and in-depth daily follow-up. Research, so it translates accurately and honestly the most important thing published in these sources. These are the daily newspapers of Yedioth, Ma'arif, Ha'aretz, Israel Today, and Kol Ha'ir and Yerushalaim weekly, and the bulletins and publications issued by the most important political and strategic research centers in Israel.


  • The daily political newsletter: It includes a collection of the most important news, articles, analyzes and reports, in addition to a summary of the editorials of the daily newspapers. This newsletter is located on 25 pages per day.
  • Economic Bulletin: It is a weekly newsletter that deals with the most important developments in the Israeli economic arena, and their relations with the Palestinian and Arab economies - both realities and developments. It is located in 15 weekly pages.
  • Strategic Bulletin: It is a monthly newsletter that covers the most important exports of political and strategic research centers in Israel. It is located in about 40 pages.
  • Strategic Supplement: It is a monthly bulletin that complements the strategy. It is located in about 40 pages as well.
  • Preparing special translations on demand for the concerned authorities according to a special contract.
  • Preparing daily and weekly press reports on Israeli and Palestinian affairs.


The objectives of the site are to define the basic rules for easy use in order to achieve the best return for users with a minimum of time successfully for direct contact services g. You will find many contents on this site: news, analyzes, explanations, data, estimates, pictures, etc., which are placed at the disposal of visitors and users of the site with the latest advanced technology products to ensure quality and speed in reaching the desired.



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